Inside the First 3 Months at Bread & Butter

  • River Health (Dallas, fka Mountain Health): a healthcare platform revolutionizing the way millennials receive access to affordable care
  • Techmate (Kansas City & NYC): on-demand tech support for remote and satellite employees
  • Omnia Fishing (Minneapolis): an ecommerce and data platform that connects anglers with the right gear and has indexed 150K+ lakes
  • Fulcrum (Minneapolis): cloud-based ERP software for manufacturing
  • And three more we will be sharing news on soon!
  1. We’ve seen a change in the type of dealflow coming in since our announcement in June. Having a diverse team at the fund level significantly improves the quality and diversity of dealflow that’s coming in. Six of the seven most recent investments we have committed to are in companies co-founded or led by women or people of color.
  2. Deal flow remains as strong as ever — we’re seeing great deal flow from MN and across the world. Yes, there is some degree of “valuation arbitrage,” but the most competitive deals are still as competitive as ever.
  3. We think what makes entrepreneurs most successful at fundraising is big vision but it’s also important to know your numbers inside and out and at a granular level of detail. We are obsessed with data and the insights it can drive, and have been most excited about teams who can provide a clear understanding of what their data is saying.



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Bread and Butter Ventures

Bread and Butter Ventures

An early stage venture capital fund, investing globally.